Het Groepje gaat naar Le Mans...


I got it for free at http://come.to

After all the nonsense that has been written about this journey, I felt the need to do something really constructive and initiated this website...

I have started to upload my own pictures and anybody who feels he or she has something to add to the website is most welcome to do so. Maybe we can keep the website and add future racing journey to it.


Dedicated email address: LeMans99@Hotmail.com
Dedicated URL: http://Drive.To/LeMans
De foto's van Habits staan hier
(gecomprimeerd dus GEEN klachten over de kwaliteit s.v.p.!).
Het Le Mans Cahier ("Word" file van de complete Emailerij!)
Klik hier voor de foto's van Gilletje Neuf
Hier haalt Michel z'n onderdelen
en hier haalt Freek ze...